Sustainability is our core, and the driver behind our products, our processes, and our ways of working.

We reduce
food waste

With treatment programs we lowered our waste in more than 15%.
We use 100% of our raw material source

We constantly strive to find improved solutions to reduce our footprint and want to encourage this change within our partners and within the world.

Investment in Green Projects

We are always attentive to such opportunities to optimization of the uses of the natural resources and find solutions to by-products and business impact: The emission of green bonds issue has allowed the company to increase investment capacity in green projects, focusing in the following categories: energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable forestry, reduction in gas emissions, water management, sustainable packaging, and reduction of raw material use or waste management.

Water Sustainability Analysis

All manufacturing units are submitted to a risk analysis and water vulnerability, in order to reduce environmental impact in our operations: We work in work on a range of fronts to improve our sustainability grade, including water reduction projects in our equipment, infrastructure modernization initiatives and Lean methodology applications in plant sanitization, controlling waste without any damage in sanitation. Through actions like water reuse and the prioritization of surface water, the treatment of wastewater for delivery and return is around 95% of water collected.


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