As a business unit within BRF, one of the most innovative companies in the world, we challenge ourselves to develop novel and differentiated solutions in all the markets in which we operate.

Our research and development process applies the principle of Open Innovation and collaboration, with strong responsiveness to market and client needs coupled with cutting-edge research and applications from academic institutions.

We recruit, and work with, the best and brightest to ensure we are always adding value.

university partnerships:

Our university partnerships program aims to develop projects with the most eminent universities and academics in the target field of research, in order to stimulate and develop new technologies and applications and offer scholarships and support to talented students.

talent development program:

We sustain our innovation and R&D through an initiative to identify, develop and retain the best academic talents. In our program, they join and contribute to multidisciplinary teams with the goal of building sustainable processes to support the development of our innovation pipeline.

open innovation:

Our approach to product development relies heavily on Open Innovation, we work with our clients, universities and research institutions to identify and develop new opportunities. Learn more about our BRF Connection Program with Startups: b-Connect.


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