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We offer ingredients that provide flavour
and texture to the food industry.

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Meat Flavours

BRF Ingredients’ Natural Meat Flavours have many aromatic applications, serving as intensifiers or preservers of flavour. It can be used for the development of other aromas or in the processing of final products, such as sweet or savoury pastries, destined to human feed or pet food.

  • Natural Chicken Flavour
  • Natural Pork Flavour
  • Natural Beef Flavour
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Soy Proteins

BRF Ingredients’ Soy Proteins and Flours are obtained from grains treated thermally by specific technology. They have high nutritional value, important extensor functions and contribute to the maintenance of texture, liquid retention and improves the final product consistency.

  • Textured Soy Protein
  • Textured Soy Protein with Poultry Skin
  • Soy Flour Defatted selo supper-m
  • Active Soy Flour Defatted selo soymax-m
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BRF Ingredients’ Breadcrumbs are produced through extrusion of natural raw material such as corn or wheat. Available in various colours and grain sizes, they provide crumbliness and texture according to application needs of the final product.

  • Breadcrumbs Cracker
  • Breadcrumbs Expanded
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Vegetable Fats

BRF Ingredients’ Vegetable Fats are produced through blends of vegetable fats and special oils, such as cotton, soybeans, palm and palm kernel, with the aim of improving food texture and prolonging shelf life. It’s largely versatile in the food industry and its applications include frying, bakery, ice cream, among others.

  • Vegetable Fat for Frying and Aspersion
  • Vegetable Fat for Doughs and Bakery
  • Vegetable Fat for Ice Cream
  • Industrial Margarine with salt
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