Date: 10/06/2024

What is Palatability? It was with this in mind that BRF Ingredients presented its new Palatability line at FENAGRA 2024. From the folders distributed to the public during the event to the numerous screens showing the launch, they introduced the concept of Palatability and how the liquid product developed improves the sensory experience of dogs when applied to extruded feed and snacks.

The International Agribusiness Fair took place on June 5 and 6 in São Paulo and had 7000 participants. For the 2024 edition, BRF Ingredients had a 60m² stand highlighting the launch of the B.FreshFy brand, as well as the entire Food Ingredients and Animal Nutrition portfolio, with a focus on BioActio Hydrolyzed Proteins.

What is B.FreshFy?

“Dogs are very selective. Their taste buds, together with their sense of smell, determine which food they will eat”. It was with this in mind that BRF Ingredients developed B.FreshFy, the line of palatability enhancers from BRF Ingredients that seeks to combine the richness of nutrients and freshness of the raw materials in the BRF chain with the technological process to produce an ingredient that adds to the pet's sensory experience when applied to extruded feed and snacks.

What does B.FreshFy mean?

José Uebi Maluf, Head of BRF Ingredients, explains the choice of brand name and how it relates to the differentials offered by the product:

Focused on pet food, the name B.FreshFy was defined to express a fundamental attribute when it comes to palatability: freshness. Like our entire Animal Nutrition portfolio, B.FreshFy is developed using co-products from the 100% integrated chain with BRF. The use of this fresh raw material, the technology used to develop the product and its liquid form set this new PREMIUM product apart, improving its appeal and sensory experience. We have had positive responses to the use of the product and we are confident that B.FreshFy will be a natural alternative that we present to the market and that diversifies the options for manufacturers and consumers.

What are the product's benefits?

Palatability: B.FreshFy provides a solution with flavor, taste and attractiveness for the pet.

Greater acceptance: The product has been evaluated in specialized sensory panels, showing greater acceptance by dogs.

Versatility: Validated performance in different rations.

Freshness: Fresh raw material from the BRF integrated chain.

Complete Animal Nutrition portfolio

B.FreshFy complements the Animal Nutrition portfolio developed by BRF Ingredientes, which includes a range of other animal nutrition products, developed with fresh raw materials and cutting-edge technology which, in addition to petfood, cover markets such as pig farming and aquaculture.

The BioActio line, BRF Ingredients' Hydrolyzed Proteins, is rich in bioactive peptides and promotes more efficient animal nutrition. Get to know the products in the range:

BioActio Health & Performance: Hydrolyzed Chicken Protein is a functional ingredient rich in bioactive peptides that promote maximum performance and health for aquaculture, pig farming and petfood.

BioActio Efficiency: Another launch, BioActio Efficiency Enzymatic Feather Hydrolysate is focused on promoting efficient animal nutrition and performance, with a focus on aquaculture and pig farming.

BioActio Health & Palatability: Highly palatable Hydrolyzed Chicken Liver Protein, which promotes quality of life and palatability for pets.