Date: 19/06/2024


When it comes to feeding dogs, one of the most important aspects to consider is the palatability of the food. This term, which covers the taste, aroma, texture and freshness of the ingredients, is crucial to ensuring that dogs accept and enjoy the food on offer. Let's explore how dogs' taste buds work and how their choice of food is directly related to the palatability of the ingredients used.

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How Dogs' Palates Work

Dogs have approximately 1,700 taste buds, compared to humans who have around 9,000.

Although this indicates a less developed palate, dogs make up for this difference with an extremely keen sense of smell, which plays a fundamental role in the perception of food. According to Barbieri (2013), "taste, together with smell, determines which food will be eaten".

The importance of aroma and flavor

For a food to be better accepted by dogs, aroma is a key factor. Food that has lost its original smell due to improper storage tends to be rejected by dogs. It is therefore advisable to store the food in airtight packaging to maintain freshness and aroma.

In addition to aroma, taste is another crucial factor. The pet food industry uses palatability enhancers to improve the taste of food. These are applied in various forms, and can be liquids or powders, especially in dry foods, which are naturally less palatable than wet foods.

Texture and other aspects

The texture of the feed also influences acceptance. Feeds with a pleasant texture and that provide a good chewing experience are more likely to be well accepted by dogs.

In addition, the quality and freshness of the ingredients are essential for the animal's health and well-being. High-quality ingredients guarantee not only palatability, but also proper nutrition, preventing diseases related to poor nutrition.

Palatabilizer in liquid form

Dogs have a preference for high animal protein content and are also attracted to food containing fat, as it provides a concentrated source of energy.

With this in mind, BRF Ingredients has developed B.FreshFy, a premium liquid palatability enhancer produced with fresh raw materials from BRF's 100% integrated chain.

The liquid form is a differential because it adds another factor that arouses palatability in pets: texture. This is because dogs tend to prefer food with a variety of consistencies, such as crunchy and soft.

Check out the diagram representing the application of Palatabilizer in pet food:

Aplicação do Patabilizante


Understanding how dogs' taste buds work and the importance of the palatability of ingredients is fundamental to developing the ideal pet food formulation. Aroma, taste, texture and freshness are essential elements that determine the acceptance of the food by dogs.


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