Date: 18/05/2023

The International Fair of Agribusiness Feed & Food featured the participation of BRF Ingredients, which not only showcased its entire portfolio of Feed and Food products but also took the opportunity to launch its new ingredient in the market: BioActio Efficiency Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Feathers. This ingredient is produced by utilizing feathers that undergo the process of enzymatic hydrolysis.

How Enzymatic Hydrolysis works

The process involves breaking down protein molecules into smaller units to generate an ingredient rich in bioactive peptides, providing many benefits to the health and metabolism of animals in different sectors of Animal Nutrition.

Scientifically proven studies show that the inclusion of BioActio Efficiency in the diet of aquatic and swine species promotes efficient animal nutrition and provides a better cost-effectiveness for producers.

Main benefits for animal performance

The BioActio Efficiency Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Feathers improve animal performance due to the presence of bioactive peptides which, once in the animal organism, have specific functionalities along with antioxidant and antidiabetic properties, as proven by in vitro analysis.

When it comes to weight gain and food conversion, BioActio Efficiency favors them since the ingredient is better absorbed and rapidly metabolized by the organism of animals.

Another benefit is a result of the low molecular mass of the ingredient, with 100% of the bioactive peptides below 3,500 Da, providing a high apparent digestibility coefficient (ADC) which is also connected to high palatability, provided by free amino acids generated by the enzymatic hydrolysis of raw materials.

Results of BioActio Efficiency in animal nutrition

In the diet of tilapia, the inclusion of BioActio Efficiency Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Feathers improves fish weight gain by 41% in the post-larvae phase and 25% in the fingerling phase.

The food conversion rate is also improved by 31% (post-larvae) and 18% (fingerlings), along with a final growth rate increased by 42% (post-larvae) and 23% (fingerlings).

For diets of shrimps, the inclusion of BRF Ingredients' Enzymatic Hydrolysate of Feathers improves the zootechnical indexes of animals in the nursery phase by 4% (weight), 15% (biomass), and 6% (food conversion rate).

In the fattening phase, BioActio Efficiency increases weight by 18%, biomass by 17%, and improves feed conversion rate by 5%.

For swine nutrition, BioActio provides high palatability, resulting in an 87% preference for piglet's feed.

These and other results and benefits are scientifically proven through tests and research conducted by BRF Ingredients, partner universities, and research centers. These findings are compared to control diets and/or fish hydrolysates.