Date: 22/05/2024

At the center of the Animal Nutrition market in Brazil is a constantly expanding sector: pet food.

With impressive numbers that reflect not only the care Brazilians have for their pets but also the growing concern for their health and well-being, this segment stands out as one of the main drivers of the pet industry.

According to the Brazilian Association of Pet Products Industry (Abinpet), in 2022, the Pet Food segment was responsible for 80% of the market's total revenue.

This rise is not just a matter of preference, but due to the care and quality of life for all animals. As some experts highlight, pet food is complete, nutritious, balanced, safe, and essential for the dog’s longevity and health.

In this context of market growth, considering the formulation of pet food becomes crucial. Therefore, it is important to meet not only the nutritional needs of the animals but also their demanding palates and the concerns of pet owners.

The search for high-quality and high-performance ingredients is fundamental, especially when it comes to addressing potential allergies and ensuring an attractive sensory experience for dogs.

This is where essential ingredients come into play, the true pillars behind a balanced and tasty diet for dogs.

From emulsifiers that ensure a pleasant texture to flavor enhancers that stimulate animals' appetites.

Thus, each element plays an essential role in the composition of pet foods and treats that win over both pets' palates and owners' trust.

In this sense, it is worth emphasizing the importance of sensory analysis of food, characterized as the measurement of attributes involving the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. In the case of dogs, it is closely linked to palatability, defined as a pet's acceptance of food.

Another important aspect to consider is dogs' nutritional needs, which require proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fibers, and water to ensure a complete and balanced diet, which is also major for their overall well-being.

Therefore, let's delve deeper into the essential ingredients for these animals' nutrition and their functions, also discussing palatability and the products in the BRF Ingredients portfolio that can meet these needs.

Essential nutrients for dogs

High-quality proteins: are essential for muscle health and overall development of dogs. Chicken, beef, fish, lamb, and other animal protein sources provide the necessary amino acids for a balanced diet.

Additionally, proteins are key components for maintaining lean muscle mass, strengthening the immune system, and ensuring the proper functioning of various canine body systems. BRF Ingredients' BioActio portfolio, such as B.FreshFy, offers high-quality proteins optimized to improve the physical, chemical, and nutritional properties of dog food.

Carbohydrates: foods like rice, corn, wheat, barley, and potatoes provide quick and sustained energy for dogs. Besides being an important source of calories, carbohydrates also contribute dietary fibers that aid digestion and maintain pets' intestinal health. The diversity of these ingredients allows variety in the diet, meeting the individual needs of each animal.

Healthy fats: vegetable oils, such as canola oil, flaxseed oil, and fish oil, are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients are fundamental for dogs’ skin and coat health and play a crucial role in the immune system functioning.

The vegetable fats from the BioActio line by BRF Ingredients are reliable sources of healthy fats, that not only improve food texture but also contribute to pets' longevity and well-being.

Vitamins and minerals: responsible for a range of vital functions in the canine body, vitamins and minerals are essential for growth, development, and the maintenance of overall health in dogs. Vitamin A is important for vision and skin health, while vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and bone development.

The B complex plays an essential role in energy metabolism, and calcium and phosphorus are fundamental for bone and dental health, ensuring that dogs' nutritional needs are fully and balancedly met.

Fibers: soluble and insoluble fibers are important for digestive health in dogs. They help regulate bowel movements, prevent constipation, and promote the health of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Additionally, fibers can aid in weight control by providing a feeling of satiety, helping dogs have a healthy and balanced digestion.

Antioxidants: essential for combating damage caused by free radicals, antioxidants play a significant role in disease prevention and supporting cellular health. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium are some of the most important antioxidants found in dog food.

They help strengthen the immune system, protect against chronic diseases, and extend the shelf life of food products. Including antioxidants in dogs' diets is crucial for promoting healthy aging and preventing age-related diseases.

B.FreshFy - new animal palatability enhancer

In addition to these ingredients, palatability enhancers have also proven to be crucial ingredients in pet formulations. As Barbieri pointed out, "dogs are very selective about food, because if the taste or texture is not to their liking, they will hardly consume the food. Taste, along with smell, determines which food will be eaten."

With this in mind, BRF Ingredients developed B.FreshFy, a line of palatability enhancers that aim to combine the richness of nutrients and the freshness of raw materials from the BRF supply chain with technological processes to produce an ingredient that enhances pets' sensory experience when applied to extruded foods and treats. Produced through the enzymatic hydrolysis of selected fresh raw materials, followed by the Maillard reaction, it adds the following benefits to formulations:

  • ● Palatability: Flavor, taste, and attractiveness solution for pets;
  • ● Application: PREMIUM liquid palatability enhancer developed for dogs;
  • ● HIgher acceptance: Product evaluated in specialized sensory panels;
  • ● Versatility: Performance validated in different foods;
  • ● Freshness: Fresh raw material from the integrated BRF supply chain.

BRF Ingredients' product portfolio, besides focusing on quality and innovation, offers palatability enhancers developed with fresh raw materials and cutting-edge technology, ensuring an exceptional sensory experience for pets.

Learn more about the entire BRF Ingredients portfolio by visiting our website: Animal Nutrition - BRF Ingredients.