Date: 09/02/2023

The nutrition of production animals represents the largest share of farming costs, reaching about 70% of operating expenses.

Taking this sole factor into account, it is crucial to enrich feeding formulas with products that, besides fulfilling the animal’s nutritional needs, will also optimize zootechnical indicators.

These indicators go through food conversion, weight gain, growth curve, reproduction, survival rate and other parameters - which differs betweenthe multiple stages of animal development and production.

Aiming at achieving increasingly high levels of effectiveness, BRF Ingredients produces and markets highly technological components, including the BioActio Hydrolyzed Proteins product line, which contrast from other market options due to its low molecular mass – below 3,000 Da – and proteic nutritional value, with fully maintained percentages during the production process.

Choosing the right ingredient should take into account the composition of its protein, fat, macro and micronutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. BRF Ingredients protein hydrolysates meet the highest standards of nutritional requirements and quality. In addition to that, they are sustainable products, which encourage the circular economy, use fresh raw materials from BRF integrated chain and generate value for the customer's business.

BRF Ingredients’ BioActio Hydrolyzed Proteins have several benefits, and the 5 main ones are:

  1. ● Improved food conversion and survival rates;
  2. ● High protein content;
  3. ● High digestibility;
  4. ● Balanced amino acid profile;
  5. ● High attractiveness.

Market applications

Counting on an increasingly competitive market, investments in richly balanced food production (enhanced by highly digestible ingredients associated with palatability) allows a larger portion of final products and higher profitability rates.

Added value

This occurs for two reasons: nutritional values and the decrease of production costs. In addition to that, it generates more health for production animals, guaranteeing effective results in size and weight, as previously highlighted.

Value generated for the clients’ business

For producers, hydrolyzed proteins from animal slaughter co-products are an alternative functional protein source with high biological value - as they are an excellent source of bioactive peptides, which improves animal performance, health and well-being.

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