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Animal Nutrition

Bioactive Peptides for Feed

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BioActio Hydrolyzed Proteins have around 3,000
Da molecular mass and are rich in bioactive peptides,
promoting efficient animal nutrition.

These functional ingredients provide:

Animal Nutrition
With bioactive peptides there is an improvement in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins, optimizing the use of essential amino acids in protein synthesis.
Tests conducted in association with universities and research institutes have proven the benefits of hydrolysate proteins.
The ingredient is produced by adding value to by-products from BRF’s animal chain, providing sustainable economic development.
Adding Value
to Industry
Proven functionality capable of providing animal health and welfare and bring along relevant benefits to your business.

The proteins are
produced through
a process of

Product benefits may vary depending on formulations and external factors
Processo 1

The hydrolysis enzymatic process is a chemical reaction catalyzed by an enzyme that uses water to break protein molecules into smaller particles, generating the bioactive peptides.

Sequência de quebra da proteína


Processo 2

Peptides are absorbed via different channels than amino acids, and can be used in animal metabolism in its full form, without being hydrolyzed by endogenous enzymes.

Di-e tripeptídeos, Óligopeptídeos, Aminoácidos Livres - Processo de absorção dos peptídeos


Processo 3

Because it’s absorbed in its full form by the organism, the peptides can reach the bloodstream and have a bioactivity effect on the animal, such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, antihypertensive and other activities.

Ilustraçao de um cachorro com imudade fortalecida devido ao processo de absorçao integra dos peptídeos


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