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BioActio Efficiency is BRF Ingredients Enzymatic Feather Hydrolysate, a functional ingredient rich in bioactive peptides that promotes efficient animal nutrition and performance for aquaculture and pig farming.

It is produced through enzymatic hydrolysis and it provides:

PALATABILITY AND DIGESTIBILITY Enzymatic hydrolysis of the raw material provides the obtaining of lower molecular weight nitrogen compounds, resulting in a more attractive, palatable, and highly digestible ingredient.
WEIGHT GAIN AND FEED CONVERSION The ingredient is more easily absorbed and rapidly metabolized, contributing to better weight gain and feed conversion rate in tilapia.
LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT 100% of the ingredient is peptides are below 3,500 Da, making it hypoallergenic and raising the apparent digestibility coefficient (ADC) to up to 89%.

  • Raise in the filet performance
  • High Allure and Digestibility
  • Improvement on Weight and Feed Conversion
  • Increase on Initial Phases Survival Rate

  • Improvement in the immunology
  • High Allure
  • Increase on Challenging Environments Survival Rate
  • Increase on Zootechnical Index

  • High Acceptability and Digestibility
  • Immunomodulator
  • Improvement on Feed Conversion

Product benefits may vary depending on formulations and external factors
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