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B.FreshFy is the line of palatability enhancers from BRF Ingredients that seeks to combine richness of nutrients and freshness of raw materials from the BRF chain with a technological process, to produce an ingredient that adds to the pet’s sensory experience when applied to extruded feed and snacks.

What are the bennefits?

PALATABILITY Flavor, palate and attractiveness solution for the pet.
APPLICATION Premium liquid palatabilizer developed for dogs.
BETTER ACCEPTANCE Product evaluated in specialized sensorial panels.
VERSATILITY Performance validated in different rations.
FRESHNESS Fresh raw material, provenient from integrated BRF’s chain.

Dogs have a preference for high animal protein content and are also attracted to food containing fat, as it provides a concentrated source of energy. Another factor that triggers their palatability is texture, with preference for different consistencies, such as crunchy and soft.

Product benefits may vary depending on formulations and external factors
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